• Introduction


Do you consider yourself the victim of discrimination due to the colour of your skin or your ethnic origins? Are you experiencing racism? This is not something you need to accept! You have the right to non-discriminatory treatment. And you are not powerless. There are various approaches to tackling discrimination and racism.

This online legal advisor seeks to explain the courses of action available to you in combating racist discrimination. On the one hand, it informs you about your legal possibilities but also out-of-court procedures, when judicial proceedings aren’t deemed to be necessary.


‘This advisor cannot replace legal advice in particular cases. A legal guarantee for the information provided and actions that are undertaken as a result will not be extended.’


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How should I behave when I am being discriminated against?

Keep calm and level-headed!

  • Don’t allow yourself to be provoked
  • Ascertain whether there are witnesses
  • Write down exactly what happened

Demand Your Rights Immediately!

  • What claims am I entitled to make?

The lodgement of the Lawsuit

  • Avail yourself of legal advice
  • Organise support



You will find the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)  translated in English here