• Your Rights

Your Rights

If you have been discriminated against, you are entitled to defend yourself. The claims through the AGG are listed below. In addition, there are other laws that have been written for the protection against discrimination.

Unlike other laws, the AGG provides an alleviation of the onus of proof. You may seek out a counselling centre as support. If you would like to make a claim you should definitely contact a lawyer.

It is of utmost importance that you secure your evidence i.e. approach witnesses, record the event and retain documents.

In addition, you should seek information as to the costs you will incur as the result of a possible legal proceeding.

In an act of discrimination in the area of employment legislation you can initially lay a formal written complaint with your employer. According to the AGG the employer is obliged to register the complaint with an ombudsman. It is often advisable to make a written complaint of an act of discrimination in any area before starting the process of litigation.

Instead of a lawyer or in addition to a lawyer, an anti-discrimination association can also provide you with assistance in court and out-of-court cases. The counselling centers can inform you the institutions that perform these tasks.


How should I behave when I am being discriminated against?

Keep calm and level-headed!

  • Don’t allow yourself to be provoked
  • Ascertain whether there are witnesses
  • Write down exactly what happened

Demand Your Rights Immediately!

  • What claims am I entitled to make?

The lodgement of the Lawsuit

  • Avail yourself of legal advice
  • Organise support