Organizing financial support

A court procedure is generally associated with a number of costs:

  1. the remuneration of your own legal representation
  2. depending on the result of the legal proceedings, liability for legal fees and the remuneration of the opposition's legal representation

There are various options in order to keep your financial risk to a minimum:

  • Application for assistance with counselling and legal process costs
    (either as grant or loan), provided that you are on a low income and positive prospects for success is to be expected
  • the taking over of the legal costs through a legal expenses insurance
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Legal protection insurance conditionally covers all legal costs, the court costs       and out-of-court costs of civil proceedings. It is very important to check what your insurance actually covers beforehand. Additionally, the insurance cover must be in existence before the act of discrimination took place.
  • Filing of an application to a legal assistance fund or cost-free legal advice, respectively through a lawyer or a community legal society. The legal assistance fund 'Life without Racism' grants, in certain individual cases, immediate financial assistance. Contact: 0203 2969499.

Hint: Financial Assistance in Counselling and Case Costs

In cases of low income and assets, an application for assistance in case costs such as the costs of counselling assistance and a potential litigation can be submitted, for the protection of interests outside of court. This assistance will be given either as a grant, a partial payment or an interest-free loan. Corresponding applications may be made at the appropriate municipal court or through the consulting lawyer, who will then forward it.

Through counselling assistance it is possible for citizens of low income to avail themselves of out-of-court advice and representation. It is also permitted in cases in accordance with the AGG. Additionally, an application for assistance in case costs can be made in cases of legal disputes. This will only be permitted if the applicant has not the slightest chance of winning the case in the estimation of the court.

The right to assistance in case costs does not apply if costs are covered by legal protection insurance or by another party.

If the financial affairs of the applicant improve significantly after the conclusion of the lawsuit, the court may decide to claim retrospective payment within a limit of four years after the conclusion of said lawsuit.